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Fruit Fly Glass Trap pheromone Trap for bacteria dorsal/Insect Trap for Orchards and Fruit Crops with pheromone Lure Combo Pack of 5

  • Cost Effective / User Friendly
  • Fruit Fly Trap
  • Attract Targeted pest only / Nontoxic
  • Weather Proof long Lasting / Up to 60 + days field life
  • Decrease insecticide use so recommended for organic farming
  • Result-oriented product / Leak Proof Pouch Design
  • If farmers set a pheromone trap before the flowering process starts, it will be easier to control the number of pests in the fields. After Installation trap can be used for a long time. we have to change the Lure After 60 days
  • Best trapper Used for All Fruit Plants Like Mango, Papaya, Sapota, guava, pomegranate, Sweet Fruit..etc
  • Best Gift for home Gardening Lovers and Farmers to make their plants free from Fruit Flies. No Need to use insecticides and pesticides.
  • Eco pheromone trap Only attracts targeted Pest, Not Harmful to Beneficial Farm Insects like Honey bees , Ladybug , Praying Mantis, etc
  • Weather Proof and Long Lasting / Leak Proof Pouch Design of backrower Dorsalis catcher (Fruit Fly Lure) Made with 99.99% Pure Blends Which attract Male & Female Both Files

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